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updated January 17th, 2018

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Ourimbah Netball Club is located on the NSW Central Coast and participate in the Gosford Netball Association (GNA) competiton.

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Ourimbah Netball Club
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Account Name: Ourimbah Netball Club
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1. Go to Gosford Netball Association website
( u/) - Competition - Fixtures & Results OR MyNetball website (
2. Check that your default Association is set to Gosford Netball Association
3. If not, type Gosford in the Search bubble/field and click on Club
4. You will see Gosford Netball Association listed under 'Associations & Others'
5. Click on the link for 'Make this my default'
6. This is now setup so each time you go to the draw via either option in Step 1 you will be able to see the GNA draw

Then you click on MATCHES then FIXTURES & RESULTS; choose the grade you are looking for and voile. If you choose FIXTURE it tells you the courts, results, etc and if you choose LADDER it will display the grade positioning.

Our Registration will be closing at
9am on Saturday
17th February, 2018

Ourimbah Netball Club


Today 8 of our committee members gave up 5 hours of their time to begin scaffolding our teams together (These are still not finished). This is such a lengthy process and we are very lucky to have such a dedicated team that work together to ensure we have our teams graded as best as possible.

It certainly makes it very difficult when people do not register in time or when people do not show up to grading. We understand everyone is busy (including us) but we do the best we can with the information we have to go off when forming teams. We use grading information, coaches reports and our graders have watched a lot of our players play over the previous season.

It is important to remember the following:
- We CANNOT have every player play in a team with all of their friends. Whilst we really do try our best to accommodate for requests, they cannot always be accommodated for.
- We grade players into a grade that match their skill level based on all graders opinions.
- We are a big club and have a variety of different grades!
- We have a grading panel of 5 graders for a reason... they make the decisions as a team.

We thank you for your understanding of this. We are still requiring players in particular age groups and we will post these later... if you haven’t registered YOU NEED TO DO IT NOW!
Otherwise you will simply miss out.

We cannot register for you, if you have any issues please contact us and we will forward it onto our registras.

Thank you to those members who registered on time and also attended grading... you make our lives a little bit easier!

Thank you once again to our committee for their amazing efforts and volunteered time... without you, our club simply would not be able to run.


These are the proposed timeslots. They are yet to be confirmed.